Hatari Connect Smart Access

Enhance Efficiency in Managing Hatari Connect Smart Access: A system that helps you control and manage your rental properties through a Dashboard that works in conjunction with Hatari WiFi Smart Locks. Every component is integrated into a single system, allowing you to control and manage access from anywhere.

Connect and Control. The Hatari Connect Smart Access system makes it easy to control and manage multiple door locks within one system, including compatibility with other brands. You can set temporary passwords for one-time or specific individuals use. Additionally, you can configure group passwords for convenience and security.

Real-time logging of entry and exit activity for each door is available, allowing you to monitor users. Furthermore, you can export data in CSV format for customized use.

You have the flexibility to set rental periods ranging from hours to years and specify unlocking schedules based on specific dates.

You can customize the names of door locks according to their location or room, and even set automatic lock times from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

Notifications can be sent via email or text message.

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