The easiest way for users to link smart home devices to your app.

Use Hatari Connects award winning platform to power your app or service, or our white label app, allows your users to securely and seamlessly link their existing devices using their 3rd-party credentials.

Thailand’s only secure and simple smart home cross brand integration platform that makes it easy for innovators to build great apps and devices that connect with the smart home.

The platform connects to over 40 leading global and local brands and 400 devices

We continuously add new brands and devices to serve the market trends and needs

The easiest way to connect any smart home device to your app or service.

“One API. Hundreds of smart home devices”

The smart home platform provides a single API for all the devices you may want to support.

The platform solves the problem that plagues smart home service providers most—how to build and maintain dozens of connectors while still developing innovative new solutions.

With our platform, your resources can spend more time focused on your core service, and less time focused on developing third-party smart home device connectors.

3rd-party account authentication.

The platform enables users to connect their devices to your service using their 3rd-party cloud credentials for the most secure and reliable experience possible.

Build amazing experiences for the smart home.

Our platform provides you all the tools you need to build scale apps, services and connected devices that integrate with the smart home ecosystem. What you create with these tools is only limited by your imagination.

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